My working recap


It is very important for one person to know himself, knowing what he is suitable, what his characteristics is.
Therefore, knowing yourself clearly makes you go further and successful. Next, I will summarize some of my working
experience about what kind of people are probably become successful in the world of work.

Physical quality

I think the most essential condition of being successful in the world of work is your physical quality. That means
you must be physically strong, energetic. In the cases around me, almost all outstanding staff are big body, they are
with big build, good endurance and energetic. They don’t need to take nap in the noon, sometimes they are capable of
ignoring a meal for continuous working. Once one of my colleague said, I don’t want to have lunch, for loosing weight.
Then she continue to sit in front of her laptop and work till afternoon.
Another case is one of my colleague, he works till the midnight for an update service of the product. It seems that he
never gets tired. He is able to sleep only 3 hours, and can be sober and working till the midnight of next day.
He is such a workaholic that you have to admire. Why can he do that? He is full of fat on his body. His fat body helps
to provide with the energy, burning the calories.

So, the physical quality decides!

Family background

Whether you are growing up in a rich family or not is a key point. From my observation, most of the hardworking staff
are from poor family. You may wonder how I can know their background. It’s simple. You can tell from his/her dress,
his/her interest, his/her education, his/her life experience. For example, if your colleague graduated from US college,
he/she is very likely growing from a rich family. If your colleague say, I buy a house totally by myself, without
anybody’s help. Or I buy a car or a house to my parents, they are probably from a poorer family.

It is a truth that those who from poorer family tend to work under 996 mechanism. Because they are need to work hard
to change their situation, change their life.
Of course there are few exceptions, people who are eager to work hard to prove themselves or realize their sense of
values could also be a workaholic, even though they come from a wealthy family.

Education background

Somehow, education background is an indispensable factor for you career. In the companies I worked for, the management
layer have a good education background. They are usually from top University or have higher educational degree. If you
want to get promoted in a company, you’d better bear a beautiful educational degree.

I don’t know whether education background decides people or people decide education background. Outstanding people
usually have a beautiful education background, and those who from top University are much more likely to be superb.
In my opinion, people with good grades and good study ability usually have stronger memory, reaction speed,
concentration and brain computing. Anyway, natural intelligence is very important.