我叫Dennis。我是一个数据工程师,主要用Python, Java, Spark, Hive。此外,工作之余我也会写些Django,爬虫(爬过知乎全站)等等。
除了写代码之外,我对赚钱很感兴趣,比如买美股, 基金和联盟行销。我的目标是实现财务自由。先有朝一日我可以环游世界。


My name is Dennis, who is working as a Data engineer. I mainly use Python, Spark, Hive. Furthermore, I also enjoyed wrting Django and Web Scraper applications
in my after-work hours.
Except prgrogramming, I’m interested in making money such as Stock, Fund, and Affilicate Market. My goal is to achieve the financial freedom.